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The Hills Clinic 'Shares their Journey' with Art Exhibition in support of Mental Health Month

Connection and sharing the journey through art therapy underpins the month-long campaign to raise awareness for mental health illness.

Over the course of mental health month, the art exhibition aims to raise awareness about mental health and celebrate the healing benefits of art therapy.

The Hills Clinic CEO, Jacki Maher says that although awareness around mental health is improving there is still progress to be made about reducing stigma, while raising awareness about both traditional and complementary treatments.

"It's known that one in five Australians are affected by mental illness, with GP's seeing patients for depression and anxiety almost as commonly as treating a cold or injury. However, many still struggle connecting with the resources they need."

"Art provides a creative outlet for each of us to explore our own thoughts, feelings and expressions and share them with others in a non-confrontational way and art therapy is no exception. It also encourages connection and conversation in other ways, for those who may otherwise find 'talking therapy' more challenging," said Jacki.


For the month of October, The Hills Clinic is proudly delivering a comprehensive program of guest speakers, hands on activities and community events to help boost awareness reduce stigma and encourage people to seek help for themselves or others.

Guest speakers will convey this year's mental health month theme of 'sharing the journey' by reflecting on their own personal stories and sharing them with patients. Art and Mental Health Artist, Marina Zivkovic will showcase her exhibition entitled, 'Human: A Work in Progress' at the Clinic.

"The exhibit began as a playful self-portrait of my own life as sole parent, simultaneously trying to sustain roles of warrior and ice queen while hiding constant worrying and panic attacks below the surface," said Ms Zivkovic.

The Hills Clinic regularly hosts events within the local community. To learn more, visit our Events page.