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The Hills Clinic Celebrates 10 Years

The Hills Clinic in Kellyville, NSW, is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this month coinciding with the introduction of a range of new services including a Young Adult DBT day program and outpatient TMS.

The Clinic celebrates this milestone following a significant expansion last year where the Clinic increased in size from 59 to 85 patient beds.

The expansion of both beds and services demonstrates the hospital’s commitment to providing long-term care for over 10 000 patients who access the hospital’s services annually, and approximately 200 locals to whom the hospital provides employment.

CEO and Director of Clinical Services, Jacki Maher said The Hills Clinic has worked hard to develop its reputation as the leading mental health facility in Western and North-Western Sydney. “Our services are ever-evolving to cater for the changing demographics of our local community. Over the past 10 years we’ve transitioned from an inpatient facility with limited programs, to a facility with a wide range of programs for both inpatients and day patients as well as introducing Nero-stimulation (TMS).

“In response to an increase of 30-50% in young adult patients over the past year, last month we introduced a Young Adult DBT day program. It’s this determination and ability to work with our community, to understand their needs, that has made our hospital the ongoing success that it is.”

Over the decade, the clinic has increased the number of beds and services, introducing dedicated young adult services and alternative therapies such as equine therapy.

“While our services are why patients initially choose The Hills Clinic, it’s our staff – their experience, their dedication and their warmth, that has led to our reputation as the leading mental health facility in Sydney’s greater west.”

In celebration of their milestone, the clinic will be offering a range of free community seminars this year. Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for details.