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The Hills Clinic launches new 1800 admissions number for direct, easy access

Are you in need of a mental health admission? To meet growing service demands, The Hills Clinic has introduced its dedicated 1800 number for direct, easy access mental health admissions and assessment.

In the past decade, more than 10,000 patients have chosen The Hills Clinic in Greater Sydney's northwest, to help them on their journey to mental health wellness.

Here at The Hills Clinc, we specialise in providing high quality mental health care with positive patient outcomes.

Our team of psychiatrists, medical, nursing and allied health professionals provide expert care to manage and treat a wide range of mental health disorders. We offer a holistic approach with treatment provided in a safe, supportive environment for inpatients, day patients and outpatients.

Our evidence-based treatment, comfortable facilities, and skilled and experienced staff, enhance the quality of care and health outcomes for our patients.

Our specialised services include:

  • Sub-acute adult psychiatry
  • Inpatient therapy program
  • Veterans services mental health
  • Young adult services
  • Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) inpatient and day programs
  • CBT-based programs
  • A broad range of day therapy programs to support ongoing recovery and wellness

Our compassionate team are here to help with increased, direct access to tailored mental health services. Contact our team today on our new admissions and assessment number: 1800 965 095 to find out what treatment option is best suited to you.