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Patient Stories

We always welcome feedback about the care we provide our patients.

“I've been living with depression since early high school, and was worried about going to a mental health hospital. When I arrived, at The Hills Clinic I found the staff to be really friendly, welcoming and immediately put me at ease. The awesome staff at The Hills Clinic not only helped support me, but also taught me some useful skills that I wish I'd been taught sooner.”
- Sam
YA @ The Loft patient
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‘Empowered’ Rhys, working towards a better life following Young Adult Program

Rhys 19, was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder aged 9, with the severity of his depression and anxiety escalating when he was 14.

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Parent and carer relationship education course.

The Hills Clinic has introduced a parent and carer relationship education course.

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The Hills Clinic Celebrates 10 Years

The Hills Clinic in Kellyville, NSW, is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this month coinciding with the introduction of a range of new services including a Young Adult DBT day program and outpatient TMS.

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Determination the key to success as Troy overcomes two decades of addiction.

Troy had been dealing with depression and addiction for two decades - drug addiction for 20 years and a gambling addiction for 5 years. It was when his wife had said that she’d had enough, Troy knew that it was time to get some professional help.

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